Today I’m 31. I’m sitting by myself enjoying a bowl of cereal and cup of coffee. When my son wakes up, I’ll nurse him, change his diaper, take him out to walk the dog.

We will go out this morning to buy supplies for his first birthday party this weekend. I’ll stare in wonder that he’s going to be so big. I bet my mom is wondering that today as well.

I like to look at birthdays as a time to set a “new year resolution”. It’s a new year in my life, a new revolution around the sun. My mid-August birthday always fell right before the start of a new school year. Things change, a time for new habits, new challenges.

I think I’d like to write more. Cook more vegetables. Use less plastic. Be more present. Be less tired. Work the dog more. Be annoyed with him less.

My 30s are proving to be a great time to slow down. My son has learned to say “tree”, and now as we walk he loves to point out all of the trees. He feels their leaves. Sometimes steals one. The dog likes to stop for a good, long sniff. We take our time. We move slowly. We breathe in, feel a nice breeze. It’s all so simple sometimes.

What a gift.


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