It’s been a while…

It’s been quite some time since I wrote here. Almost 4 months. My last entry mentioned how hard it was to be so consumed by motherhood.

Around that time, an opportunity for part-time work came about, and the wheels started turning on working motherhood. Life is full of growing pains.

He’s in daycare now, 3 days a week. We still have some special days for just us and the way things were before work. He is learning and growing from his teachers and classmates. It’s nice to see how good this change has been for him, and also disappointing to know I couldn’t provide him all of that myself.

I feel a little more like me. A person who is valued for more than her milk and snuggles. We are closing in on his first birthday. It’s been quite a year.

In all of this transition, the dog is always the one who gets the shortest end of the stick. I’ve tried adding in a few minutes of training with him to my morning routine. I truly never expected to prioritize him so little, but here we are. I’m working on doing better by him.

I’m not sure what this blog will become, but I appreciate seeing people check in and “like” occasionally. Maybe I’ll find a way to make this part of my routine as well. Ever changing, ever growing, ever working to better myself.


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