Bad morning, good day

Yesterday morning was not a good morning. Baby woke up very early (5:30, he can sleep until 7:30 or 8), and was a total grump during breakfast. He wouldn’t eat his food, whined the whole time, tried to grab purees off the spoon and throw them. It was a mess, I was frustrated, tired, spent. At one point, I had to just walk away for a minute to reset. He was pushing all of my buttons.

Then a miraculous thing happened. He took a nap. A really long one.

He’ll be 8 months old on Saturday, and he’s been a pretty terrible napper for most of that time. Once we got past those first few newborn weeks of sleeping most of the time, he’s decided there’s too much to miss while you nap and just been awake. So a bad morning has inevitably lead to a bad day, since there was no break and things just snowballed with a tired, cranky baby.

About a week or so ago, he figured out how to nap, and it’s been life changing.

So after our miserable morning, he napped, I took a breath, got some things done, and felt refreshed. He woke up happy, and then we had a great day. We went to Target, where he now sits up in the cart and smiles at all the babies and moms also hanging out at Target at noon on a Wednesday. They had good baby food deals. Things were going well.

Then a second miracle. A second nap. A short one, but just the little refresh he needed and a break for mama.

We took a long walk in the nice spring weather, as we finally seem to be moving out of winter in the Northeast. We invited the dog’s friend over for a play date, and Baby loves watching dogs play. He belly laughed, much to Sunny’s mom’s delight.

It was a good day.

It was a good lesson that every day is salvageable. We’re finally settling into something that feels like a routine, which is a relief for my routine-oriented self. He got there in his own time. I love following his lead. Most of the time 😉


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