Wishes and hopes

What would you wish for if you rubbed a lamp and a Genie granted you three wishes? What are the gaps in your life you’d fill?

The other night my husband and I had a nice conversation about our dreams. Do we see ourselves living where we live now forever? Would we prefer a smaller town, more land, more hiking? Closer to family? Farther away? What do we want our son’s childhood to look like?

It’s nice to daydream together. It’s how we set our goals, figure out where we want to set our “life GPS” and try to get to. One of our favorite things to do is imagine what it would be like to live in some of our favorite vacation spots. We love upstate New York and Lower, Slower Delaware. A sleepy town that hibernates for part of the year, much like we do.

But making dreams a reality takes big risks, and I’m not sure it will ever happen. Leaving the security of a good job, familiar place, comfort, safety, routine- it’s scary, and so hard to make that leap. The payoffs can be amazing. In order to give our relationship a real shot, I took a big leap and moved two hours away to live with him. We’re here now, 8 years, 2 dogs, and one kid later, happier than ever. It was a risk, and the biggest risks have the best payoffs.

It seems harder to make those jumps now. It’s not just us, but our son’s future we are gambling with as well. I do truly believe kids with happy parents have a good chance of growing up happy as well, but it all seems bigger and heavier now.

So I guess I’d ask the genie to show me where we are in 10 years. What’s the outcome of some of the big risks we want to take? Are we happy?

I think I’d also ask the genie to slow down time, just a little. Somehow my little baby now moves around lightening fast, sips from his own cup, and has very strong opinions about pretty much everything. I miss having a little baby. I love this big boy, but wish I could hold on to his littleness just a little closer.

As for my third wish? Maybe a million dollars, just to make things a little more comfortable 😉

What would you wish for? Does it change anything about what you’re doing right now?


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