Well this is a different one. I’m trying to stretch myself and my writing, and enjoying these daily prompts (when I get a chance to, and actually get to them on the right day…oops).


I see a latte, thick with foam and the rich scent of coffee. Warm, inviting, relaxing.


I see a dog, stressed out and frantic, foaming at the mouth. I feel sad, sorry, scared.


I see the ocean, rolling in and out. The sun, warm on my skin. A nap on a towel, comforted by the sun. The waves a perfect soundtrack to my slumber.

We’re taking the baby to the beach this summer. I can’t wait to see him splash in the waves, feel the warm sun, lay in the sand. The ocean brings me such peace. I hope he loves it as I do. It’s fun to see what he likes and what he doesn’t, to see him become his very own person. In 30 years, I wonder what “froth” will mean to him.


via Daily Prompt: Froth



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