Exploring the everyday

I feel like I’m in the middle of a great big “pause” in my life. A months-long coffee break where I’m not expected to do anything except live in the present. I have some great guides in this. Babies and dogs only know how to live in the present, to find wonder in the everyday.

I love watching my dog run into the backyard and roll in the grass, happy to just be there in the sun, smelling what there is to smell. He is pure joy, happiness, calm.

I love watching my son examine his hands, his fingers, his toes. He picks up the corner of the rug to find what’s underneath. He beams with pride as he crawls across the floor, bursting with joy at his newfound ability to move around and discover the world.

When do we lose that sense of wonder? How does it happen that our lives move on autopilot, when we can drive to work on our morning commute without ever remembering it happened because it is so mundane, part of the background noise of our lives?

It’s a miracle, really, to just be. To feel the warmth, to see the trees. In my neighborhood, there are two big hawks that fly around sometimes. I imagine they have always been there. Until I was walking around with the baby, trying to describe to him all of the things we see, I never saw them. I wonder what other things I haven’t seen, and I’m grateful for my travel guides to help me explore the everyday.


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