Hi there.

“Think about your ideal reader”. Blogging fundamentals wants me to picture who you are and write to you.

I think my ideal reader is that woman who was never sure she would have kids, who now finds herself on a Thursday morning nursing her baby in the mothers’ room at the botanical gardens. Alone. Doing what she can to get out of the house. (Oh wait, that’s just me?)

Or maybe it’s the young woman who loves her dogs and wonders how that will translate to a tiny human.

I’ve always been drawn to mom blogs that painted a portrait of motherhood I could envision for myself. One with a little chaos and lots of love. I hope to be that for someone else one day.

For now, we have a little chaos and lots of love. With a baby ohsoclose to crawling and a dog that can best be described as “nervous”, we are teetering close to mayhem. But as the dog runs upstairs ahead of me to greet the baby in the morning, and the baby reaches out his food to feed his puppy, I know we also have a lot of love.

I’m grateful every day for my weird dog, who struggles with a lot of things, but taught me immense patience. Last night I was up most of the night with a congested baby. I never once felt frustrated at the lack of sleep, just so sad for him that he was having a hard time. I’m sorry to my dog that I have not always had that patience with him. He’s reactive- barking and lunging at people and dogs that walk by. It comes from a place of fear. I have often responded by yelling at him or yanking his leash. My frustration gets the best of me. But I’m getting better with that, and he is too. Loving him through it makes a big difference for both of us.

Can you relate? Do you know how to be the person your dog thinks you are?


2 thoughts on “Hi there.

  1. My baby isn’t human, she’s an adorable chocolate lab. I totally get trying to figure out how my dog will translate into us having kids one day! If you want to be the person your dog thinks you are, just give them lots and lots of love. Everything else will fall into place. 🙂


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