The longest shortest time.

My son is seven months old. In so many ways, he’s such a baby. He’s still working on crawling, not talking, just experimenting with puréed food. In all sense of the word, he’s a baby.

Until I look at pictures of a newborn. Then he seems like this giant child, and I can hardly remember what it was to hold his newborn self against my chest. It’s flown by. I worry that I won’t remember his littleness, the weight of him in my arms, the way he nuzzles his face into me when he’s tired. Too soon, he’ll be a big boy. He’ll talk and tell me “no”, run on his strong little legs while he explores and plays. His chubby little fingers will lose their rolls, his thighs their wonderful little creases. He’ll be a toddler, then a child, and my baby will be gone.

Days sometimes feel interminable. The nights with little sleep felt endless. But here we are. I put him to sleep, he sometimes wakes up once for a quick feed, and back asleep to finish out his 12 hours of rest. I wake up before him, I have time to myself again. My husband and I have time together at the end of the night after he’s asleep. He’s no longer in the little bassinet next to me, and I think it would be downright laughable to see how he fits in there at all. It’s going so fast.

A friend welcomed her son last week, and recently shared pictures of him. His sleepy little closed eyes, body still folded up as he had been in the womb, his perfect little heart shaped mouth that does not yet have teeth or smile, they just melted me. I looked over at my son, who was that baby 7 short months ago. He waved yesterday, he smiles, he has two little teeth on the bottom and the top two should make their debut any day now. He’s getting incredibly close to crawling. He has opinions and wants. I know the way he likes things done, and we have a nice little routine going. He’s a tiny human and becoming more and more a person every day.

I’m amazed every day how quickly it goes. Now wake up, little boy, so I can breathe in your delicious littleness.

This picture was taken approximately 1000 years ago. Or possibly yesterday. What is time any more anyway?


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