Breaking bad habits and becoming better

It started in those newborn days, with hours and hours of being stuck under a nursing baby. I found other new moms #trappedunderababy on Reddit and Facebook and felt connected to other women undergoing the same monumental shift in their lives. New motherhood is isolating, and social media felt like a lifeline.

Now my newborn is 7 months old, and craves interaction and social experiences. I’m realizing my social lifeline is taking time away from my sweet son, and I know this is not the kind of mother I want to be. I decided to stay home with him to parent him, and not have him with someone else all day. I worry that I’m squandering that time by wanting to talk to other moms, most of whom I’ve never met IRL. So I’m deleting the Facebook app from my phone. We’ll see how much it helps cut down my phone time, and how much more I need to do to make sure I’m present for my family.

I also need to find ways to connect to moms in my community. I moved away from my family. We don’t have a village. My kid needs to meet other babies. We need friends. As an introvert, it’s taxing to make new friends and forge those connections. I often feel lost and overwhelmed. I’m trying to do better since it’s not just about me, but about my son’s village as well. I’m constantly amazed at how becoming a mother has made me want to be better, to grow myself and stretch my horizons to be the person he deserves. It’s truly the most amazing gift.

How have other moms grown their village? How do you meet people?


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